4 Advantages of Dental Lasers Over Traditional Dentistry Tools

We wrote recently about the pros and cons of dental lasers, and the drawbacks of this technology are few. It’s the many benefits of laser dentistry that make it appealing to both dental practices and patients alike. Here are four advantages of dental lasers that can make it more appealing than traditional dentistry.

Accuracy and Precision

The very thin beam of light produced by a dental laser means pinpoint accuracy, which reduces damage to surrounding tissues during procedures like the removal of tooth decay. This level of accuracy means more tooth structure retention, preserving natural teeth for longer.

The precision of the dental laser also creates a dramatic reduction in gum bleeding. Plus, if you do begin bleeding, the laser can seal off blood vessels to stop it. That’s not an option with conventional dental tools.

Less Trauma and Discomfort

Traditional dental drills function at a high speed, which can subject teeth to hairline cracks and fractures. Even with anesthetic, the combination of vibration, heat, and pressure from the drill can create a traumatic, uncomfortable experience for the patient. A dental laser, on the other hand, doesn’t create any of these sensations. In many cases, that means less or even no anesthetic, creating a more comfortable overall patient experience.

Faster Dental Procedures

Laser dentistry makes a number of procedures more efficient. Many of the procedures that require extensive prep work or referrals to another dentist can be performed with a laser, saving both patients and dental practices time and hassle.

More Versatility

With hard and soft-tissue lasers, a number of dental procedures can be performed. The Food and Drug Administration has approved lasers for use on adult and pediatric patients. Applications are varied, including detecting cavities, treating tooth sensitivity, reshaping gum tissue, viewing gum tooth and gum tissues, and many more.

The Takeaway

More patients are learning about the advantages of dental lasers, and they’re actively seeking practices that offer this technology. With benefits that improve the patient experience so significantly, it’s no surprise. Learn more about classes and in-office training designed to put your staff on the cutting edge of dental laser technology. Contact Dedicated Dental Hygiene today.