4 Benefits of Laser Dentistry

If the idea of the dentist makes your heart race, you’re not alone. Anxiety about visiting the dentist affects many people, and we get it - no one likes the drill! Fortunately, technology like the dental laser makes the high-pitched whine of the drill a thing of the past - and that’s in addition to a number of other advantages. Here are four specific benefits of laser dentistry.

Dental Lasers are Minimally Invasive

Few patients actively look forward to certain dental procedures, like those involving filling cavities or removing impacted wisdom teeth. But dental lasers make even these kinds of dental surgery faster, less invasive, and much more comfortable for the patient. Lasers promote blood clotting, meaning soft tissue procedures have minimal bleeding. And in some cases, the use of the laser means anesthetic isn’t even needed.

Dental Lasers Promote Faster Healing Times

The laser has a lot of things going for it, but from the patient perspective, this may be the most important. Dental lasers sterilize the affected area, reducing the risk of bacterial infection and promoting faster healing. Plus, the pinpoint accuracy of the laser means less damage to surrounding tissues. That makes for a faster, easier recovery.

Dental Lasers are Amazingly Versatile

From detecting cavities and performing fillings to treating tooth sensitivity, decay, gum disease, and even gum reshaping, laser dentistry treats a wide range of hard and soft tissue dental conditions. And yes, they can also be used for teeth whitening. Different applications call for different kinds of dental lasers, and we’re happy to offer recommendations if you have questions about the right laser for your dental practice.

Dental Lasers are Quiet

Unlike the high-pitched whine of the dental drill, the laser has a quiet pulsing sound. It makes for a calmer, quieter experience, which is ideal for anyone who feels anxiety about the dentist. Usually, that anxiety is tied directly to the sound of the drill. The laser neatly sidesteps that issue by avoiding the kinds of unpleasant sounds that can trigger fear or irrationality. That makes laser dentistry particularly great for kids, too.

Does Your Office Offer Laser Dentistry?

The list of benefits for laser dentistry goes on and on, and it’s the kind of technology patients are actively seeking. If your dental practice doesn’t yet offer laser procedures, Dedicated Dental Hygiene can help. Contact us today to learn more about our classes and in-office training, and begin the process of offering your patients the benefits of laser dentistry.