Why Dental Lasers Are About to Be Everywhere — And What to Do to Get Certified

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While laser dentistry has been around since 1989, it’s rapidly growing in popularity. And it makes sense — the dental laser effectively treats tooth decay and gum disease without the side effects associated with traditional dental tools. As more and more patients opt for laser dentistry, hygienists and dentists across the country are meeting the need with critical training. Here’s why dental lasers are about to be everywhere, and what you can do to get certified.

The Benefits of the Dental Laser

Patient anxiety about the dentist is common, and not just in children. There are many adults who dread the idea of visiting the dentist, and much of their anxiety is related to the sound of the drill. Among its many benefits, the dental laser has a distinct advantage of being incredibly quiet. Instead of the high-pitched whine made by the dental drill, the laser has a quiet, pulsing sound that contributes to a calmer, quieter dental experience.

The laser also makes dental procedures faster, less invasive, and more comfortable. That’s particularly useful when you’re dealing with children, but it’s a benefit that everyone can enjoy. Dental lasers also promote faster healing times and their versatility means they can be used for a number of different dental procedures.

It’s advantages like these that make the dental laser an incredibly useful tool at any dental practice. As patients increasingly seek out dentists and hygienists who offer laser dentistry, the industry will only continue its rapid growth. That’s why proper certification and training is critical.

Becoming Dental Laser Certified

At this time, educational requirements regarding the dental laser vary from state to state. You’ll need to enroll in a class that meets your state’s requirements, and you should be very picky. Many dental laser manufacturers offer basic training relating to their particular laser, but this should be considered supplemental training following more comprehensive mastery in a nationally approved program provider certification course.

To get started, check in with your state board to learn whether your state allows laser dentistry, what kinds of lasers are permitted and under what conditions, and the required scope of training. As you begin investigating certification courses, double check that they meet your state’s specific education requirements. Then you just need to find a course that will suit your schedule.

Dental Laser Certification in Nevada

Here in Nevada, use of a dental laser by an RDH or a DDS is legally permitted with the completion of a certification course that has been approved by the Nevada State Dental Board. All Dedicated Dental Hygiene courses meet laser education requirements in each state for which they’re scheduled, and participants in DDH courses also earn Academy of General Dentistry PACE continuing education credits toward their licensure.

In California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, there are no current certification requirements ,but certification is strongly recommended. In these states, it’s up to the RDH or DDS to decide for themselves what level of training will prepare them for proficiency on the laser.

What to Expect with a DDH Laser Course

Dedicated Dental Hygiene is a nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Attendees in our group courses receive a mix of lectures and extensive hands-on training to ensure familiarity and proficiency with the dental laser. Our hands-on training uses objects intended to simulate the human mouth.

The course is designed to ensure practitioners feel comfortable discussing and promoting the use of a dental laser with a patient, as well as using it for different procedures. DDH also offers in-office training to better accommodate the unique systems of individual dental practices. Our customized training platform allows us to create specialized courses for your team.

Ready to Get Started?

It’s clear that dental laser certification is becoming a necessary skill for technicians and dentists alike. We’re here to help. At DDH, we know that anyone searching for laser certification courses is going to have questions, and we invite you to contact us directly to discuss our courses, credentials, and certification in general.