The Advantages of Completing a Dental Laser Training Course

Laser Training

As a registered dental hygienist, you know all about dental laser technology. It’s been around since 1989, but today’s dental laser is a versatile, widely used tool that patients are beginning to expect. If your understanding of dental lasers extends only to a passing familiarity, it’s time to consider proper training. Here are the advantages of completing a dental laser training course.

Versatility & Compliance

The dental laser offers advantages not available with traditional tools and techniques that create a better patient experience. Instead of the high-pitched whine of the dental drill, the laser makes a muted pulsing sound that can reduce anxiety for nervous patients. It also makes for faster, less invasive, and more comfortable dental procedures. The dental laser can be used for multiple procedures while also promoting speedier healing times.

This is the kind of information that’s becoming more widely understood, and patients are increasingly seeking dental practices that offer laser dentistry. It’s imperative that any practitioner using the dental laser is fully trained on this tool, and at this point, requirements for training and certification vary state by state. The onus is on the registered dental hygienist to not only understand their state’s rules, but also to seek the very best training possible.

The Right Course

In Nevada, a registered dental hygienist can legally use a dental laser upon completion of a training course that’s been approved by the Nevada State Dental Board. That includes Dedicated Dental Hygiene, which is a nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. At this time, Dedicated Dental is also offering on-demand dental laser courses in Texas. California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington do not currently require dental laser certification, though training is recommended.

Individuals attending a group course at Dedicated Dental Hygiene can expect both lectures and hands-on training, which gives course attendees the opportunity to develop familiarity and proficiency with the dental laser. The course is designed to ensure practitioners can comfortably discuss and promote the use of a dental laser with a patient, in addition to developing the skill set necessary for a range of procedures.

Our in-office training accommodates the unique systems and protocols of individual dental practices. We offer a customizable training platform to suit the needs of your staff.

Staying Current

Completion of a program like Dedicated Dental Hygiene’s training courses gives registered dental hygienists an edge in the industry by increasing your scope of practice. Use your state’s guidelines on laser dentistry as a starting point to seek the highest standard of training you can find. And if you have questions about the training offered here at Dedicated Dental Hygiene, contact us today — we’re happy to answer them.