Texas Hygienists: An Approved Dental Laser Course

For dentists and registered dental hygienists, the difference between dental laser certification and dental laser training is become more and more pronounced. That’s true even in states that remain ambiguous about education requirements, like California. In Texas, statutes are more explicit, necessitating a dental laser educational course that will properly prepare an RDH — exactly like those offered here at Dedicated Dental Hygiene.

Texas Statutes for Dental Laser Use

Currently, Texas requires dental hygienists to complete no fewer than twelve hours of in-person continuing education on the dental laser specific to procedures that will be performed. Of those twelve hours, three must include simulation training. The state dental board must recognize the education course provider, and hygienists must maintain documentation certifying satisfactory course completion.

Dentists are required to have laser education and training sufficient for the supervision of hygienists.

The DDH Course

Dedicated Dental Hygiene is a nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGD/MAGD credit, and our course format meets Texas standards. With comprehensive lectures and extensive hands-on training, the goal of every course is to ensure each participant develops familiarity and proficiency with the dental laser and its application to a variety of procedures. This level of competency is ensured with over-the-shoulder training as participants are guided in their use of the dental laser on objects that simulate the human mouth. Additionally, course attendees learn how to discuss and promote the use of the dental laser with a patient.

DDH can also accommodate individual dental practices. With a customizable training platform, we can create in-office training to suit the specific needs of your staff.*

A Necessary Investment

While many dentists and hygienists invest in dental laser certification to differentiate themselves in the industry, it’s mandated by the state in Texas for any practitioners who use this powerful tool. Without the proper certification, any hygienist or dentist using the dental laser isn’t compliant and at risk of disciplinary action. From a patient perspective, comprehensive training on the dental laser is critical. The laser uses a concentrated beam of light energy that is highly effective and a viable substitute to the dental drill in some instances — it should not be used without thorough training. Fortunately, a course with Dedicated Dental Hygiene will ensure you have the training and certification you need to meet Texas standards. For more information about upcoming courses, contact us today.

*While Dedicated Dental Hygiene courses are temporarily postponed due to the novel coronavirus, our in-office training offers a safe alternative to large course events that put participants in close quarters. The familiar setting also tends to puts clinicians at ease, freeing them to focus on the laser. Learn more about our in-office training now.