Dental Hygiene Laser Certification in Arizona for Registered Dental Hygienists


Arizona has specific directives relating to approved use of what it calls “emerging scientific technology,” and the dental laser falls into that category. If you’re a registered dental hygienist looking for a dental laser certification course in Arizona, here’s what to know to ensure you’re meeting the state’s requirements.

According to the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners

In Arizona, dental laser use is permitted with appropriate training. According to the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners:

“To qualify to use emerging scientific technology as authorized by A.R.S. § 32-1281(D)(2), a dental hygienist shall successfully complete a course of study that meets the following criteria:

1. Is a course offered by a recognized dental school as defined in A.R.S. § 32-1201(17), a recognized dental hygiene school as defined in A.R.S. § 32-1201(16), or sponsored by a national or state dental or dental hygiene association or government agency;
2. Includes didactic instruction with a written examination;
3. Includes hands-on clinical instruction; and
4. Is technology that is scientifically based and supported by studies published in peer reviewed dental journals.”

Since registered dental hygienists can use the dental laser in Arizona with proper training, certification is essential. Like other states, the RDH needs to find an appropriate training course that meets these requirements. Fortunately, Dedicated Dental Hygiene offers a dental laser training course that qualifies — and we’re heading to Arizona soon!

DDH Dental Laser Training Courses

Dedicated Dental Hygiene is recognized as a nationally approved AGD PACE provider for continuing education. Our courses are carefully designed to ensure that our attendees develop proficiency with the dental laser. We offer a mix of in-depth lectures and extensive over-the-shoulder, hands-on training so that course participants are comfortable using the dental laser for different procedures and discussing and promoting its use with a patient. Plus, our courses ensure the Arizona’s guidelines are met.

At this time, Dedicated Dental Hygiene is scheduling a course in Phoenix, Arizona for June 3, DDH founder Kristin Pritavec-Hunter will be teaching at Phoenix College in March. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our upcoming Arizona training course and Kristin’s classes. If you’re interested in a course specifically designed for your dental practice, we also offer a customizable training platform that ensures a personalized approach to address the unique dynamics and protocols of your team.

What about Dental Laser Certification before Graduation?

There is some discussion about whether an RDH in training can pursue laser certification in Arizona before officially graduating. There is a precedent for schools to allow students to take WREB local anesthesia and clinical exams before graduation, and dental laser certification should likewise be no issue before a student has graduated.

Dental Laser Certification in Arizona

Dental laser rules and requirements vary depending on the state, but the fact remains that any RDH or DDS using this tool needs to be properly trained. As long as there’s no national standard for the dental laser, individual hygienists and dentists must perform due diligence on the requirements in their state and find the very best training possible to ensure their patients’ safety.

If you’re an RDH looking for dental laser certification courses in Arizona that meet the state board’s requirements, make plans to attend the June course from Dedicated Dental Hygiene in Phoenix. Stay tuned for more information about location and dates, or contact us today to learn more.