Dental Hygienist Laser Certification Courses in Nevada — Learn More!

Increasingly, certification in dental lasers is becoming an asset for dental hygienists. That’s certainly true here in Nevada, which is one of the states that requires a certification course. But while state dental boards across the US may not all mandate certification, hygienists still recognize the importance of proper training on this powerful dental tool — and the boost it gives their résumé. If you’re a dental hygienist in Nevada looking for a high quality laser certification course, Dedicated Dental Hygiene can help.

About the Course

As a nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGD/MAGD credit, Dedicated Dental Hygiene, or DDH, offers dental practitioners a robust group course that includes comprehensive lectures and extensive hands-on training. The goal is to ensure every course participant develops familiarity and proficiency with the dental laser, which is accomplished with objects that simulate the human mouth. In addition, participants learn how to comfortably and knowledgeably discuss and promote the use of the laser with a patient, as well as its application to a variety of procedures.

To accommodate individual practices, DDH also offers in-office training. Our customizable training platform makes it easy to create a specialized course to suit the needs of your staff.

Benefits of Dental Laser Certification

If you’re already searching for dental hygienist laser certification courses in Nevada or elsewhere, you likely already know the benefits of certification. Not only does your scope of practice become more sophisticated, you’re in a better position to treat the patients who are actively seeking a hygienist who uses the laser. State dental boards vary in their requirements, but as dental lasers continue to grow in popularity and versatility, it’s not an exaggeration to assume certification will soon become a requirement across the country. Whether your state currently requires certification or not, it’s worth the investment to seek the best possible training and standards.

A Strategic Investment

Investing in your own education is truly an investment in your future, and a dental laser certification course is just that. Without proper training and experience, the dental laser can be dangerous. This handheld tool emits a powerful and concentrated beam of light energy that can be used efficiently and effectively in many dental procedures. It’s a viable substitute to the drill in some uses, but anyone using a dental laser must be fully capable of doing so. Many states understand the importance of this, but educational requirements vary from one state to the next. It’s up to the RDH or DDS to understand the rules in their state of practice, but seeking the highest training possible is never a bad decision. A course with Dedicated Dental Hygiene is the best place to begin. For more information, contact us today.