Covid Precautions During Dental Laser Training

Dentists in hazmat suits

While the pandemic has made life challenging for much of the last year, the new vaccines are giving us reason to hope for a return to normal at some point in 2021. In the meantime, planned classes and in-office training with Dedicated Dental Hygiene have and will continue to make accommodations to ensure our participants’ safety. Here are the covid precautions we’re taking during dental laser training.

Laser Dentistry Courses

Our dental laser certification courses, currently scheduled in Texas, Nevada and New Mexico, qualify as a nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGM/MAGD credit. All courses meet laser education requirements in each state they’re scheduled.

Unlike the dental laser training offered by manufacturers, which tends to be a basic overview of their respective laser, a DDH course is a far more comprehensive approach to dental laser training as a whole. Participants can expect hands-on, over-the-shoulder training, along with comprehensive lectures and demonstrations to ensure proficiency on the laser. In light of current covid safety recommendations, our classes have been modified with the following:

Appropriate social distancing. Attendees are spaced a minimum of six feet apart.
Masks and PPE. All class participants are required to wear masks, and face shields, surgical gowns, and gloves are distributed for the practical portion of class.
Hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is provided for use throughout class.

In-Office Laser Dentistry Courses

In-office or on-site laser dentistry is a good choice for a dental practice looking to train as a team. Working in a familiar environment can put class participants at ease. Individual dental practices likely have their own systems and protocols in place for covid safety, and DDH will customize our training platform to accommodate them all.

In Texas, we’re also offering on-demand dental laser training that brings the dental laser training to you. Instead of waiting for a pre-scheduled course, on-demand training offers mutually planned classes that can be completed in just one day. This is a great option for clinicians who want to complete training with a small group, and all covid safety regulations and recommends are followed.

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Making accommodations for the pandemic is a necessary adjustment for us all, and DDH is fully committed to ensuring participant safety while getting back to business. Contact us today to learn more about our dental laser classes and covid precautions.