Can Dental Hygienists Use the Dental Laser in Florida?

Dental Lasers

At this time, individual states regulate their own State Practice Act and Scope of Practice, which means the use of the dental laser varies from one state to the next. As the dental laser continues to grow in popularity, thanks to their convenience and versatility, it’s important to stay current on state regulations. For example, can dental hygienists use the dental laser in Florida?

The Florida Petition for Laser Use by Dental Hygienists

Florida remains one of the five states that prohibit laser use by dental hygienists, along with Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, and West Virginia.

But whether they’re legally allowed to use dental lasers or not, registered dental hygienists know about the many benefits of this technology, which offers advantages that traditional tools and techniques cannot. That’s why the Florida Petition for Laser Use by Dental Hygienists was submitted to the Florida Board of Dentistry in early May 2021, ahead of the May 21 laser workshop meeting in Orlando.

The petition, which was signed by a total of 1,321 licensed dentists, dental hygienists, consumers, and dental professionals outside the state, addressed Florida’s current prohibition of laser use by hygienists. As of May 25, 2021, no decision has been formally made. The Florida Board of Dentistry adjourned until more information is available.

Planning Ahead

In the event that dental laser use by hygienists does become an option in Florida, practitioners should be prepared to find comprehensive training. A nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGM/MAGD credit, like Dedicated Dental Hygiene, offers comprehensive education. Lectures and hands-on training ensure course attends develop both familiarity and proficiency with the dental laser. Plus, the course is designed to teach practitioners how to comfortably discuss and promote dental laser use with a patient.

Dedicated Dental Hygiene currently offers courses in a number of states, including Texas, California, Nevada, Arkansas, and New Mexico. We’re also available for in-office training for dentists in Florida, and as soon as Florida permits the use of the dental laser for hygienists, we plan to offer hygienist training in Florida as well. If you have questions about DDH dental laser training or you’d like to learn more about in-office training, contact us today — we’re happy to answer them.