Dedicated Dental Hygiene Event in Reno this November

As part of our commitment to continuing education, Dedicated Dental Hygiene is pleased to announce our upcoming November event in partnership with Lancette VanGuilder, RDH, BS, PHDHE of Hygienist for Health with guest presenters Dr. Jason Goodchild, DMD, and Xuan-Thu Failing, RDH, OMT, BSDH. Dr. Goodchild will be covering local anesthesia myths and best practices for handling medical emergencies in the dental office, and Ms. Failing is presenting an introduction to myofunctional therapy. Participants will also enjoy a sponsored happy hour, prizes, and giveaways. Registration for this November 5 event in Reno is open now— reserve your spot today.

Local Anesthetic—Mythbusters Edition & Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Despite the widespread ubiquity of local anesthetics in clinical practice, misconceptions linger. In this presentation, Dr. Goodchild will identify six of the most common myths related to local anesthesia. Understanding all the facts about this essential clinical practice means better care for your patients.

Dr. Goodchild will also cover best practices for preparing the entire dental team for the management of medical emergencies. While emergencies are defined as those conditions that if left untreated could lead to patient mobility or mortality, this course is designed to address any medical situation that leaves you, as the practitioner, feeling symptoms of anxiety. After all, medical emergencies can and do happen. On average, a dental practitioner will face a medical emergency in the dental office at least once every two years. Fortunately, 75% of these emergencies can be managed with effective local anesthesia and stress reduction.

When an appropriate response could mean the difference between life and death, a properly-equipped emergency drug kit is key. In this course, Dr. Goodchild will cover the seven essential drugs dental professionals must know for the effective management of any medical emergency.

Tongue and Cheek—Introduction to Myofunctional Therapy

Myofuctional therapy describes a program of specific exercises focusing on the facial muscles that are used for chewing and swallowing. In most cases, these exercises are designed to strengthen and retrain the tongue. Ms. Failing will walk event participants through the why’s and how’s of myofunctional therapy so you can offer more complete care to your patients.

This DDH event will run from 8 am to 3 pm at the Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, Nevada, on November 5. Register now for an informative, entertaining experience.