Why Every Dental Professional Needs Dental Laser Training

Technology is an amazing thing, and advancements in the world of dental lasers are just one example. But as the dental laser continues to change the way in which dental professionals practice, it’s becoming clear that education is key. Here’s why every dental professional needs dental laser training.

A Changing Landscape

It’s becoming increasingly common for patients to seek dental practices that offer laser procedures. For clinicians themselves, the laser is proving an invaluable tool that dramatically improves efficiency, accuracy, and the entire patient experience. It’s a modern alternative to traditional dental tools, and the benefits speak for themselves:

• Less pain and discomfort
• Minimal bleeding and no stitches
• No adverse effects to surrounding tissues
• Faster recovery times
• Non-invasive treatments that are entirely effective

The dental laser is also well suited to a range of dental procedures, making it a truly versatile workhorse. From detecting cavities to dental fillings, treating tooth sensitivity to cosmetic procedures, laser dentistry has a number of applications. Mastering the dental laser keeps a dental professional on the cutting edge of the industry.

Getting Started

If evolving your skills sounds appealing, the best place to start is with the right education. There is no substitute for experience, and a dental laser is a powerful tool that can be dangerous without the right training. At this time, educational requirements are mandated by individual states and they vary quite a bit. Some states have no specific guidelines regarding dental laser certification, while others have a more stringent requirement. It’s up to you, as the dental professional, to understand the rules in the state you practice. No matter what’s mandated by law, seeking the best training you can find is always the best move.

Dedicated Dental Hygiene understands the importance of the right dental laser education. As a nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGD/MAGD credit, our courses include both lectures and hands-on training to ensure all attendees are proficient with the laser for a range of applications. Ask about our in-office training, which can be tailored to the needs of your team, and check our upcoming classes to register.

The future of the dental laser is bright, and earning your certification puts you in a sophisticated class of dental professionals at ease with this booming technology. Every dental professional needs dental laser training, and that’s becoming more and more evident. Dedicated Dental Hygiene is here to help. Contact us today to learn more.