Dental Hygiene Laser Certification in the Houston Area for Registered Dental Hygienists

Houston Laser Training

Like many states, Texas has a State Practice Act that clearly states the use of the dental laser is allowed by the dental hygienist after completing no less than twelve hours of in-person continuing education by an approved provider. Registered dental hygienists can use the dental laser in Texas, which means certification is essential. If you’re a registered dental hygienist looking for dental laser certification and training in Texas, and specifically the Houston area, Dedicated Dental has the courses you need.

According to the Texas Administration Code

Texas’ State Board of Dental Examiners does not issue permits for the use of lasers by hygienists. Instead, it sets forth certain requirements:

“(1) Prior to using a laser for non-diagnostic purposes, dental hygienists must complete no less than twelve hours of in-person continuing education in laser utilization specific to the procedures to be performed by the dental hygienist using the laser. Three of the twelve required hours must include clinical simulation laser training similar to the procedures to be performed by the dental hygienist. The continuing education must be provided by an educational course provider recognized by the Board. Dental hygienists must maintain documentation of the satisfactory completion of the required continuing education courses.

(2) Use of lasers by dental hygienists must be in accordance with the minimum standard of care and limited to the dental hygienist's scope of practice.”

It’s left to the discretion of the RDH to find and complete appropriate training to satisfy this requirement in Texas. Fortunately Dedicated Dental Hygiene offers such a course.

DDH Courses

Dedicated Dental Hygiene is recognized as a nationally approved AGD PACE provider for continuing education. Our courses are designed to ensure our attendees develop proficiency with the dental laser through a mix of in-depth lectures and extensive over-the-shoulder, hands-on training. After completing a DDH course course, our participants are able to use the dental laser for different procedures and knowledgeably discuss and promote its use with a patient.

At this time, Dedicated Dental Hygiene has courses scheduled in the Houston area, and throughout Texas. And if you’re interested in a course tailored to your dental practice, we offer a customizable training platform for a personalized approach that addresses the unique dynamics and protocols of you team.

Dental Laser Certification

While requirements vary from state to state, one thing is clear — any RDH or DDS using a dental laser must be comprehensively trained. The lack of a national standard means individual hygienists and dentists must be clear on their state’s requirements and seek the best training they can to ensure the safety of their patients.

Completing a comprehensive and quality dental laser certification course, like those here at DDH, is truly an investment in your future. If you’re an RDH in the Houston area, offer your patients the most well-rounded care by investing in your own education on the dental laser first. Get started now with a course here at Dedicated Dental Hygiene. Contact us today to learn more.