The Impact of COVID-19 on Dental Laser Training

dental tools on tray

The coronavirus has impacted every facet of modern life here in the US. Employees are working remotely, many businesses are indefinitely closed, students are participating in distance learning, and most of us are doing what we can to stay home. Shelter-in-place orders vary from state to state and gradual easings of restrictions have begun, but the world is a very different place than it was just a few months ago. For registered dental hygienists and dentists, factoring for COVID-19 is now part of business. Here’s how COVID-19 has impacted dental laser training in particular.

A Changing Landscape

Dedicated Dental Hygiene offers training courses intended to further the professional development of dental clinicians through laser education. In the past, that meant groups of dental professionals working together closely in a classroom setting or specific dental practice. It’s a scenario that’s to be avoided these days, to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean dental laser training is a thing of the past!

In an effort to offer more personalized, focused training, Dedicated Dental Hygiene now offers on-demand training. It’s fast, private training in a small and intimate setting without the crowds. Instead of a pre-scheduled course, our laser specialist brings the dental laser certification course right to you with a mutually planned time and place. Training is completed in just one day, and participants can expect lectures and hands-on course work to ensure complete proficiency.

In light of the global pandemic, on-demand training is currently offered exclusively in Texas, but please stay tuned for additional states. While we have always provided personal protective equipment in our courses, we have recently added additional protection for the clinician to work on specimens.

The Benefits Remain

Participants in on-demand training can expect the same comprehensive training offered in our group classes. Dedicated Dental Hygiene is a nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGM/MAGD credit, and our courses include lectures and over-the-shoulder training to ensure practitioners are fully proficient on the laser and comfortable discussing its safety and efficacy with a patient.

With on-demand training in Texas, DDH has added the peace of mind that comes with a small group of participants. Course attendees can choose to attend the training with clinicians from their office, another office, or a classmate from school.

Let us tell you more about on-demand dental laser training and its application during the global pandemic. Contact DDH today for more information.