The Initiators: How to Become a Dental Laser Instructor

At Dedicated Dental Hygiene, the goal is to enable dental clinicians to further their professional development through laser education courses and one-on-one practice consultation. In teaching dental laser courses all across the United States, I’ve been approached more than once by people asking how they can become a dental laser instructor too. It was the motivation behind a new initiator program here at DDH, and it could be just the opportunity you’re looking for.

The Initiators

It’s a simple business model — current hygienists, preferably with laser certification and actively using the laser on patients, can refer other hygienists to DDH courses. For every referral that ends in a course registration or in-office training, you’ll receive a commission. This will serve as the initial stage in eventually becoming a DDH instructor, after meeting specific standards and requirements.

We’re making the process as simple as possible for our initiators. You’ll complete a training program, access information from us regarding upcoming courses to promote in your area, learn how to promote in-office training, and receive a custom referral link so we can track your referrals and make sure you receive your commissions.

This initiator program is step one in the process of becoming an instructor here at DDH. Success here will move program participants into a course assistant role. Step three is assistant instructor, and finally, step four is a full-fledged DDH instructor with all the responsibilities of leading your own courses. There are strict standards in place along the way to ensure you’re fully trained and duly prepared for each role. By the time you become a DDH instructor, you’re prepared in every way possible.

The Value of Dental Laser Courses

If you’re an RDH, you already know that education requirements for a tool like the dental laser vary from state to state. That means finding the right course is up to the individual RDH — and not all dental laser training courses are equal. It’s important to look for courses that meet education requirements wherever an RDH will be in practice, and that’s what they’ll get with a Dedicated Dental Hygiene course. As a nationally approved PACE program provider with FAGD/MAGD credit, we ensure that our course attendees are fully prepared in every way. And by joining our initiator program, you’ll be part of that process.

The Bottom Line

As the popularity of the dental laser grows, dental laser training is only going to become more important and in greater demand. This is an opportunity to further your career as a dental laser instructor. Contact us today to get started.