Laser Dentistry Questions — A Patient’s Perspective

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Being proficient on the dental laser is only half of the battle. A registered dental hygienist or dentist is only fully trained on the dental laser when they can clearly and completely answer a patient’s questions. Ensuring that a patient fully understands the ins and out of their treatment creates a much better patient experience. Here are common laser dentistry questions from a patient’s perspective.

How does the Dental Laser Work, and for What Procedures is it Used?

The narrow, concentrated beam of light energy produced by the dental laser causes a reaction when it comes into contact with tissue. This beam can remove, vaporize and even shape soft and hard tissues. It’s used for a number of different procedures, including detecting and filling cavities and addressing tooth sensitivities. It can also be used for cosmetic procedures, like tooth whitening and nerve regeneration.

What’s the Benefit of a Dental Laser Treatment over Dental Drills?

Dental lasers offer a number of advantages. They make some procedures faster, less invasive and much more comfortable. And because they sterilize the affected area, they reduce the risk of bacterial infection and promote faster healing times. The laser’s beam of light is so narrow and focused, there’s also less damage to the surrounding tissues. The quiet pulsing of the laser can also reduce anxiety, making for a better patient experience.

Does the Dental Laser Hurt?

No! Comfort is another benefit of the dental laser, which can minimize the need for pain medications after treatment.

Are Dental Lasers Safe?

Yes. As long as the dental laser is being used by a trained dental hygienist or dentist in accordance with accepted practices, the dental laser is as safe as any other dental tool.

How do I Know my Dentist or Hygienist is Qualified to use the Dental Laser?

It’s a good idea to ask your dental practitioners about their training on the laser to ensure they have the right knowledge and experience.

The Takeaway

Training on the laser alone doesn’t truly prepare a hygienist or dentist. That’s why a laser certification course here at Dedicated Dental Hygiene not only ensures the participants’ proficiency and comfort on the laser, but also that they can knowledgeably discuss and promote its use with a patient. If you’d like to learn more about our classes, including our on-demand dental laser training in Texas, contact us today!