Marijuana in the Workplace - How does this affect the dental professional and the employer?

As part of a series of continuing education events hosted by Dedicated Dental Hygiene, we’re excited to announce “Marijuana in the Workplace,” a topic to be presented this January by Reno attorney Dora Lane and Linda Honey, director of Operations at Timely Testing.

The legal recreational and medical cannabis markets are still new in Nevada, which means a lot of gray area for consumers and businesses alike. Understanding cannabis law as it pertains to individual professions, employers, and employees is a good place to begin, and Ms. Lane and Ms Honey’s professional insight can help. Here’s what to expect.

AB 132 — An Overview

In June of this year, a new cannabis-related bill passed the Nevada legislature. AB 132 revises specific sections of NRS Chapter 613 as it relates to unlawful employment practices. Effective January 1, 2020, and with specific exceptions, it will be unlawful for any Nevada employer to “fail or refuse to hire a prospective employee because the prospective employee submitted to a screening test and the results of the screening test indicate the presence of marijuana.” There are exceptions for prospective employees applying to positions that include:

• Firefighter (NRS 450B.o71)
• Emergency medical technician (NRS 450B.065)
• Those requiring the employee to operate a motor vehicle for which federal or state law mandates that the employee submit to screening tests; or
• Those, in the employer’s determination, that could adversely affect the safety of others

Other exceptions to AB 132 may apply if the law is shown to be inconsistent or in conflict with existing provisions to an employee contract, a collective bargaining agreement, or federal law. This law does not apply to positions funded by federal grants.

Managing Cannabis in the Workplace

The presentation of Ms. Lane and Ms. Honey will include a frank discussion on the effects of cannabis use on the workplace, a review of recent drug use and drug testing trends, post-accident cannabis testing, and employers’ obligations to accommodate medical marijuana users. There are new realities when it comes to managing cannabis in the workplace, whether it’s a dental practice or a real estate firm, and starting from a position of understanding the facts is the best place to start.

For more information about this presentation and to RSVP, contact us today.