National Dental Laser Certification Now Available through Dedicated Dental Hygiene

Office laser equipment

The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) is the world’s largest organization devoted to laser den-tistry, with members that include general dentists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, orthodon-tists, hygienists, laser manufacturers, and many others. It’s also known for its certification program. Join Dedicated Dental Hygiene and the Academy of Laser Dentistry in a comprehensive, real-world approach to attaining Standard Level Certification. This is a national certification that allows the dental hygienist to practice in any state in which hygienists are permitted to use the laser.

Academy of Laser Dentistry’s Certification Program

ALD formally recognizes three levels of dental laser certification: standard, advanced proficien-cy, and educator. The ALD standard certification course is 12 CEU hours that cover:

• Basic overview of laser physics and interaction between the laser and tissue
• Analysis of the effects of variations in the laser’s wavelength, power, and temporal modes
• Overview of laser operation and safety features
• Practical hands-on exercises in clinical procedures with the laser
• Fulfillment of licensure requirements

With the ongoing pandemic, ALD has gone virtual with distance learning, lectures, and discussion.

Eligibility for the ALD certification program must demonstrate a basic understanding through the completion of a multiple-choice exam and an oral clinical simulation exam. A Dedicated Dental Hygiene course fully prepares a dental practitioner for these eligibility requirements, and gives participants an advantage for successfully completing the ADL certifica-tion program.

Why Get Laser Certified?

While a dental laser course like those offered here at DDH may be mandated in some states, it should be considered a necessary step regardless of state regulations. The dental laser is a powerful tool, and anyone operating it needs to be properly trained. Laser certification also serves as a symbol of a practitioner’s training and expertise. Since dental lasers and their rules of use are determined by individual state dental boards, it’s necessary to shop wisely. Not all laser certification programs are equal, so look for a course that satisfies your state’s re-quirements.

Dedicated Dental Hygiene is a nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. In addition to our state classes, we also offer in-office training and on-demand training in Texas. For more information about how a DDH course can satisfy your eligibility requirements for ALD laser certification, contact us today.