Dental Hygienist Laser Certification Course in Sacramento — Book Now!

Certification in dental lasers continues to become more and more important for dental hygienists, and California remains one of the states currently requiring a certification course. The challenge comes in finding the right training. If you’re looking for a high quality laser certification course in California, Dedicated Dental Hygiene offers comprehensive training for both hygienists and dentists to ensure your proficiency and comfort on the tool. We’re currently accepting registration for our upcoming course in Sacramento on June 25.

California Code

California business and professional code 1914 states, "A registered dental hygienist may use any material or device approved for use in the performance of a service or procedure within his or her scope of practice under the appropriate level of supervision, if he or she has the appropriate education and training required to use the material or device.” This includes the use of dental lasers.

About the Course

As a nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGD/MAGD credit, Dedicated Dental Hygiene offers dental practitioners a robust group course that includes comprehensive lectures and extensive hands-on training. Our courses are designed to meet the educational requirements for laser use in several states, including California, with curriculum that explores the value and benefit of of laser-assisted dentistry.

Course participants will learn how laser debridement meets the demands inherent to treating both biofilm infection and the host inflammatory side of periodontal infections through energy absorption.

The Sacramento course training is scheduled for June 25 from 8 am to 5 pm and will review:

• How to best explain laser procedures to patients
• How to choose appropriate laser settings
• Treatment planning, coding and fee assessment
• An introduction to photo-biomodulation and wound healing
• A clinical hands-on simulation
• Laser operation and maintenance

Academy of Laser Dentistry certification is also available to course attendees, and registration includes lunch.

Benefits of Dental Laser Certification

If you’re searching for dental hygienist laser certification courses in Sacramento, you already recognize the benefits of certification. Not only does it make your scope of practice more sophisticated, it puts you in a better position to treat those patients actively seeking a laser-certified hygienist. While state dental boards still vary in their requirements, but it’s a safe bet that certification will soon become a requirement across the board as dental lasers continue to grow in popularity and versatility. Register for our Sacramento laser dental training now, or contact us with any questions.