Soft Tissue Diode Laser Certification for the Dental Hygienist

Dental lasers are an increasingly important and commonplace therapy for non-surgical management of periodontal disease. For the registered dental hygienist, certification is becoming a necessity in states across the country. It signifies the hygienist’s breadth of training on the laser and an ability to ensure the safety of the patient. If you’re a dental hygienist seeking soft tissue diode laser certification, a course at Dedicated Dental Hygiene will ensure you have the right training and knowledge.

What to Expect

A Dedicated Dental Hygiene certification class covers the versatility and innovation of the dental laser, safety and industry guidelines, and patient management with comprehensive illustrated lectures, discussions, and demonstrations. Over-the-shoulder, hands-on simulations give hygienists an opportunity to develop experience and proficiency with the laser itself.

The course is designed to ensure participants understand dental laser fundamentals, the effects of lasers on tissue, various laser types and clinical applications, and laser safety standards and regulations, as well as how to safely and efficiently operate a dental laser.

Dedicated Dental Hygiene offers different training platforms to accommodate the individual needs of hygienists or dental practices. Our in-office training is designed for the unique systems and protocols of given practice and in Texas, we offer on-demand dental laser training, an option that creates a smaller, more intimate setting without the crowds.

State Requirements

Educational requirements for the dental laser vary from state to state. Some require stringent certifications, while others have no specifics and only suggest some form of training. The onus is the hygienist to understand their state’s rules regarding laser dentistry, but more importantly, to seek the very best training they can.

The Benefits of Certification

As patients increasingly seek hygienists and dentists who offer laser dentistry, certification is more appealing than ever. Whether your state requires certification or merely suggests some level of basic training, it’s worth the investment to find the highest standard. And that’s what you’ll get with a soft tissue diode laser certification course from Dedicated Dental Hygiene. For more information, contact us today.