South Carolina RDH Need 12-Hour CE Requirement for Laser Use

Registered dental hygienists practicing in South Carolina have new rules to follow for the use of dental lasers. The biggest takeaway? RDHs in South Carolina need to meet a 12-hour continuing education requirement. Here’s how Dedicated Dental Hygiene makes that easy.

Use of Lasers in a Dental Setting

Per the South Carolina’s Board of Dentistry:
• Only dentists are permitted to use a laser that can remove hard and/or soft tissue while treating a dental patient.
• Dental hygienists may use dental lasers with the direct supervision of a dentist, and the hygienist’s laser use is limited to pocket disinfection at settings that preclude hard and soft tissue removal, with the exception of incidental gingival curettage.
Before using a dental laser, an RDH must complete training that includes laser physics, safety, and appropriate use. This training must also include an interactive element that addresses operation of the lasers used in the dental practice. Initial training must include no fewer than 12 hours of instruction through a course that’s provided or recognized by specific organizations, including The Commission on Dental Accreditation, The American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program, The Academy of General Dentistry Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE), or The American Medical Association.

Dental Laser Training with Dedicated Dental Hygiene

Dedicated Dental Hygiene is a nationally approved PACE program provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Attendees in our group courses can expect lectures and extensive hands-on training to ensure familiarity and proficiency with the dental laser using objects intended to simulate the human mouth. The course is designed to ensure practitioners feel comfortable discussing and promoting the use of a dental laser with a patient, as well as using it for a variety of procedures.

DDH also offers in-office training to accommodate the unique systems of individual practices, as well as online CEs and national certification. In-office training is particularly well-suited to South Carolina’s new ruling. Since the equipment is readily available, it gives your staff the opportunity for live patient practice (assuming direct supervision by a dentist, patient consent, and other legalities). This kind of training is also the best way to ensure that your employees feel comfortable with their new skills. Plus, training as a team in your office, where your staff works every day, helps improve consistency and compliance. Our customizable training platform means DDH can create a program specific to your practice’s unique protocols and structures.

More Questions?

At DDH, we understand that changing requirements in individual states often leads to specific question. We’re committed to offering high-quality education for the dental laser, and we’re happy to answer your questions about our courses, our credentials, and certification in your state. For more information, contact us today.