Why the Laser?

The laser is a versatile tool in the dental industry. As a replacement for the scalpel, the laser creates a more comfortable experience for patients. It ensures a precise cut, minimal or no bleeding, and fewer stitches for dental procedures.

Laser wavelengths set at specific power levels can also effectively destroy bacteria because of their photothermal effect on the cell wall. And unlike other dental methods, the laser also promotes healing.

While some states have no educational requirements for use of the laser in dental practice, laws can vary from one state to the next. And regardless of state mandates, proper training on the laser is critical for protecting the health of your patients and your practice’s liability. Plus, an educated team with comprehensive training on the laser will only enhance your patients’ experiences and help your practice grow.

Dedicated Dental Hygiene offers training on both diode and CO2 lasers. Our goal is to ensure that each student comes away with a clear understanding of the science behind the laser and the training necessary to use this specialized tool in their daily practice. We’re committed to the student experience in laser training, and we want to play an integral role in growing your practice to its full potential. Contact us for class information today!