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CO2 and Diode Laser Education Courses

As clinicians, we all want to offer our patients the best treatment and technology available, and there are a variety of tools on the market to make that possible. The laser is one of them. It’s been used in dentistry since the early 90s, but today’s lasers have evolved into one of the most useful tools for the dentist and hygienist alike.

Why The Laser?
"I had a really great learning experience. The instructors were knowledgeable and interested in teaching."
"Great course I feel confident!"
"I liked that it was hygiene based!"
"Great Class!"
"Very interesting subject and passionate instructor!"
"Great job keeping us entertained, using analogies, and giving breaks!"
"I recently attended a laser course put on by Angie and Kristin. It was such a great experience! They were both so informative and really knew their information! We got to learn about the differences for the diode and the CO2 and it was so helpful for myself and the rest of the hygienists to have that hands on experience! Thank you both for such an informative course- we all feel so much more comfortable when working with lasers!"

Upcoming Classes

While Dedicated Dental Hygiene courses are temporarily postponed due to the novel coronavirus, our in-office training offers a safe alternative to large course events that put participants in close quarters. The familiar setting also tends to puts clinicians at ease, freeing them to focus on the laser. Learn more about our in-office training now.

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An Approved Dental Laser Certification Course for Dentists & Dental Hygienists in Texas

For dentists and registered dental hygienists, the difference between dental laser certification and dental laser training is become more and more pronounced. That’s true even in states that remain ambiguous about education requirements, like California. In Texas, statutes are more explicit, necessitating a dental laser educational course that will properly prepare an RDH — exactly like those offered here at Dedicated Dental Hygiene.

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Dental Laser Certification Courses in California for RDH

At this time, California is one of the states that remains unclear about education for the dental laser. But as the popularity of the versatile dental laser continues to grow, certification itself is becoming a must-have, regardless of state guidelines. If you’re a registered dental hygienist looking for dental laser certification courses in the state of California, Dedicated Dental Hygiene has the comprehen-sive, hands-on classes and in-office training you need to get certified.

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The Dental Laser — Do You Need Complete Certification or Just Basic Training?

These days, any dental hygienist or dentist is familiar with dental laser technology. The laser has been used in dentistry since the early 90s, but today’s lasers have evolved into a versatile tool that makes for a vastly superior patient experience. As more patients seek clinicians and practices that offer laser dentistry, training and certification in dental lasers is becoming an increasingly important asset for dental hygienists. But which do you need — complete certification, or just basic training?