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A Definitive List of Laser Dentistry Pros and Cons

Dental practices across the country — and their patients — are enjoying the advantages inherent to laser technology. From early cavity detection to cosmetic treatments, dental lasers are a versatile tool that saves time, lessens discomfort, and dramatically improves the patient experience. If you’re considering investing in a laser for your dental practice, read on for a definitive list of laser dentistry pros and cons.

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Common Applications of Laser Dentistry

The dental laser is a versatile tool that can help a dental practice evolve by offering better, more efficient patient care. In addition to its many benefits, the dental laser can be used to perform a number of hard and soft-tissue procedures. That versatility can be truly invaluable to a dental practice. Here are some of the common applications of laser dentistry.

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Is the Dental Laser Safe?

In the decades since dental lasers became commercial available for clinical dental practices, countless patients have enjoyed more comfortable treatment options for a number of dental procedures. That’s because dental lasers can make their experience efficient, comfortable, and cost effective. As dental practices continue to incorporate lasers as a means of offering their patients this level of elevated care, one of the most important considerations is safety. With a qualified dental professional who has the necessary training, the dental laser is a safe option for a number of scenarios, including pediatric patients.

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Here's How the Laser Helps Your Dental Practice

A successful dental practice is directly tied to the quality of its patient care. And embracing technology is how a practice can best ensure it provides the highest level of care. As new technologies and tools regularly emerge in the market, dental lasers continue to stand out. The fact is, the dental laser makes it possible for dentists to offer superior patient care while also actively growing their practices. Here’s how the laser helps your dental practice.

4 Benefits of Laser Dentistry

If the idea of the dentist makes your heart race, you’re not alone. Anxiety about visiting the dentist affects many people, and we get it - no one likes the drill! Fortunately, technology like the dental laser makes the high-pitched whine of the drill a thing of the past - and that’s in addition to a number of other advantages. Here are four specific benefits of laser dentistry.