Expanding our Reach: Idaho Registered Dental Hygienist Become Laser Certified
We are growing our reach to Idaho in 2023! The Idaho Board of Dentistry allows registered dental hygienists to perform laser functions restricted to gingival curettage and bleaching under direct supervision.
As the use of laser as an adjunct to non-surgical periodontal therapy gains popularity for dental hygienists, professionals must keep an eye on the ever-evolving criteria and licensing rules. South Carolina established a new regulation for dental hygienists in 2021 regarding the use of lasers.
Spotlight - Maira Velasco
As Dedicated Dental Hygiene grows, we strive to bring experienced instructors on board to continue to offer quality laser training and certification. In our pursuit for new faculty, we are super excited to announce that we landed a gem of an instructor.
In-Person CE Event in Texas: Muffins and Mimosas

As we get back to in-person learning events, there is buzz and excitement in the air about coming back together. It is time we join each other once again in community for connection and networking. Dedicated Dental Hygiene is a frontrunner in providing, not only exceptional laser courses, but high-q...

The Initiators: How to Become a Dental Laser Instructor
I’ve been approached more than once by people asking how they can become a dental laser instructor too. It was the motivation behind a new initiator program here at DDH, and it could be just the opportunity you’re looking for.
Dental Hygiene Laser Certification in Arizona for Registered Dental Hygienists
If you’re a registered dental hygienist looking for a dental laser certification course in Arizona, here’s what to know to ensure you’re meeting the state’s requirements.
Three Ways a Laser Benefits a Dental Practice
Would you be surprised to learn that many traditional dental tools haven’t changed all that much since their invention back in the 1800s? It’s true! But one of the big exceptions is the dental laser.
Dedicated Dental Hygiene Event in Reno this November
As part of our commitment to continuing education, Dedicated Dental Hygiene is pleased to announce our upcoming November event in partnership with Lancette VanGuilder, RDH, BS, PHDHE of Hygienist for Health with guest presenters Dr. Jason Goodchild, DMD, and Xuan-Thu Failing, RDH, OMT, BSDH.
Dental Hygienist Laser Certification Course in Chicago Area-Book Now!
Dedicated Dental Hygiene is partnering with Angie Wallace, RDH, for an upcoming dental laser certification course in the Chicago area. There is no guidance currently listed in the Illinois Practice Act regarding certification courses, but the right training is essential regardless.
South Carolina RDH Need 12-Hour CE Requirement for Laser Use
Registered dental hygienists practicing in South Carolina have new rules to follow for the use of dental lasers. The biggest takeaway? RDHs in South Carolina need to meet a 12-hour requirement.
Continuing Education Courses for Registered Dental Hygienists
In addition to our popular dental laser training courses and dental consulting services, Dedicated Den-tal Hygiene is proud to offer continuing education specifically for hygienists and dentists.
Dental Consulting & Continuing Education with DDH
You may be familiar with Dedicated Dental Hygiene for our comprehensive dental laser education courses and one-on-one practice consultations. But our commitment to continuing education extends far beyond your dental laser course or in-office training.
Can Dental Hygienists Use the Dental Laser in Florida?
At this time, individual states regulate their own State Practice Act and Scope of Practice, which means the use of the dental laser varies from one state to the next.
Dental Hygienist Laser Certification Course in Sacramento Book Now!
Certification in dental lasers continues to become more and more important for dental hygienists, and California remains one of the states currently requiring a certification course. The challenge comes in finding the right training.
Dedicated Dental Hygiene to Present at the Academy of Laser Dentistrys 2021 Virtual Conference
Kristin Pristavec-Hunter was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Her first job was working for her childhood dentist as a dental assistant. After earning her degree in dental hygiene from Rio Salado College in Phoenix, Kristin navigated the dental industry.
Dental Hygiene Laser Certification in the Houston Area for Registered Dental Hygienists
Like many states, Texas has a State Practice Act that clearly states the use of the dental laser is allowed by the dental hygienist after completing no less than twelve hours of in-person continuing education by an approved provider.
Upcoming Dental Laser Training in Texas and New Mexico
As the prevalence of the dental laser continues to grow, more and more registered dental hygienists and dental practices are pursuing training courses to ensure their proficiency and compliancy on this innovative tool.
Covid Precautions During Dental Laser Training
While the pandemic has made life challenging for much of the last year, the new vaccines are giving us reason to hope for a return to normal at some point in 2021.
Texas Hygienists: An Approved Dental Laser Course
For dentists and registered dental hygienists, the difference between dental laser certification and dental laser training is become more and more pronounced. That’s true even in states that remain ambiguous about education requirements, like California.
Dental Laser Certification Courses in California for RDH
At this time, California is one of the states that remains unclear about education for the dental laser...