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Mental Health: What do Dental Lasers Have to Do With It?

The National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey (NHANES) reports that 67% of patients suffering from depression also experienced toothaches. Many people that struggle with mental health also suffer from poor oral health conditions. People with depression and anxiety get looped into what is called the “vicious cycle” of dental fear. They put off dental treatment due to fear and anxiety, and only go to the dentist for an emergency. They may also neglect daily dental care, leading to further oral health issues.


Expanding our Reach: Idaho Registered Dental Hygienist Become Laser Certified

We are growing our reach to Idaho in 2023! The Idaho Board of Dentistry allows registered dental hygienists to perform laser functions restricted to gingival curettage and bleaching under direct supervision. Nationwide, dental hygienists are taking the necessary educational training to acquire certification for laser use. Applying laser to preventive and therapeutic hygiene services improves patient outcomes, increases hygiene production, and adds value to the appointment.

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Updated State Practice Act! All about the new Laser Certification rules for South Carolina Registered Dental Hygienists

As the use of laser as an adjunct to non-surgical periodontal therapy gains popularity for dental hygienists, professionals must keep an eye on the ever-evolving criteria and licensing rules. South Carolina established a new regulation for dental hygienists in 2021 regarding the use of lasers.

Maira Velasco

Spotlight - Maira Velasco

As Dedicated Dental Hygiene grows, we strive to bring experienced instructors on board to continue to offer quality laser training and certification. In our pursuit for new faculty, we are super excited to announce that we landed a gem of an instructor. Meet Maira Velasco. Maria graduated from dental hygiene in 2009 from Truckee Meadows Community College and furthered her education at Southern Nevada College.

Muffins and Mimosas

In-Person CE Event in Texas: Muffins and Mimosas

As we get back to in-person learning events, there is buzz and excitement in the air about coming back together. It is time we join each other once again in community for connection and networking. Dedicated Dental Hygiene is a frontrunner in providing, not only exceptional laser courses, but high-quality CE events.


The Initiators: How to Become a Dental Laser Instructor

At Dedicated Dental Hygiene, the goal is to enable dental clinicians to further their professional development through laser education courses and one-on-one practice consultation. In teaching dental laser courses all across the United States, I’ve been approached more than once by people asking how they can become a dental laser instructor too. It was the motivation behind a new initiator program here at DDH, and it could be just the opportunity you’re looking for.


Dental Hygiene Laser Certification in Arizona for Registered Dental Hygienists

Arizona has specific directives relating to approved use of what it calls “emerging scientific technology,” and the dental laser falls into that category. If you’re a registered dental hygienist looking for a dental laser certification course in Arizona, here’s what to know to ensure you’re meeting the state’s requirements.


Three Ways a Laser Benefits a Dental Practice

Would you be surprised to learn that many traditional dental tools haven’t changed all that much since their invention back in the 1800s? It’s true! But one of the big exceptions is the dental laser. We’ve written about the CO2 and diode lasers before, both of which have unique uses and applications. No matter which you’re considering, dental lasers in general share the same primary advantages. Here are three ways a laser benefits a dental practice.

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Dedicated Dental Hygiene Event in Reno this November

As part of our commitment to continuing education, Dedicated Dental Hygiene is pleased to announce our upcoming November event in partnership with Lancette VanGuilder, RDH, BS, PHDHE of Hygienist for Health with guest presenters Dr. Jason Goodchild, DMD, and Xuan-Thu Failing, RDH, OMT, BSDH. Dr. Goodchild will be covering local anesthesia myths and best practices for handling medical emergencies in the dental office, and Ms. Failing is presenting an introduction to myofunctional therapy. Participants will also enjoy a sponsored happy hour, prizes, and giveaways. Registration for this November 5 event in Reno is open now—reserve your spot today.

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Dental Hygienist Laser Certification Course in Chicago Area—Book Now!

Dedicated Dental Hygiene is partnering with Angie Wallace, RDH, for an upcoming dental laser certification course in the Chicago area. There is no guidance currently listed in the Illinois Practice Act regarding certification courses, but the right training is essential regardless. Here’s what to expect from this November 12th course in Arlington Heights with Angie Wallace.

South Carolina

South Carolina RDH Need 12-Hour CE Requirement for Laser Use

Registered dental hygienists practicing in South Carolina have new rules to follow for the use of dental lasers. The biggest takeaway? RDHs in South Carolina need to meet a 12-hour continuing education requirement. Here’s how Dedicated Dental Hygiene makes that easy.

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In addition to our popular dental laser training courses and dental consulting services, Dedicated Dental Hygiene is proud to offer continuing education specifically for hygienists and dentists. Our CEs courses are offered online, and we have a mix of both free and fee-based options. Staying current on what’s happening in the dental laser industry helps ensure you can provide the best, most up-to-date care to your patients. And our online continuing education courses for registered dental hygienists makes it easy.

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You may be familiar with Dedicated Dental Hygiene for our comprehensive dental laser education courses and one-on-one practice consultations. But our commitment to continuing education extends far beyond your dental laser course or in-office training. Here’s what continuing education with DDH really means.

Dental Lasers


At this time, individual states regulate their own State Practice Act and Scope of Practice, which means the use of the dental laser varies from one state to the next. As the dental laser continues to grow in popularity, thanks to their convenience and versatility, it’s important to stay current on state regulations. For example, can dental hygienists use the dental laser in Florida?



Certification in dental lasers continues to become more and more important for dental hygienists, and California remains one of the states currently requiring a certification course. The challenge comes in finding the right training. If you’re looking for a high quality laser certification course in California, Dedicated Dental Hygiene offers comprehensive training for both hygienists and dentists to ensure your proficiency and comfort on the tool. We’re currently accepting registration for our upcoming course in Sacramento on June 25.

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The Academy of Laser Dentistry is presenting its 2021 Annual Conference virtually this year, with sessions offered both live and on demand. Dedicated Dental Hygiene’s own Kristin Pristavec-Hunter is part of the panel of expert speakers. Here’s what to expect from her during ALD’s virtual conference April 8-10.

Houston Laser Certification


Like many states, Texas has a State Practice Act that clearly states the use of the dental laser is allowed by the dental hygienist after completing no less than twelve hours of in-person continuing education by an approved provider. Registered dental hygienists can use the dental laser in Texas, which means certification is essential. If you’re a registered dental hygienist looking for dental laser certification and training in Texas, and specifically the Houston area, Dedicated Dental has the courses you need.

Dental laser training


As the prevalence of the dental laser continues to grow, more and more registered dental hygienists and dental practices are pursuing training courses to ensure their proficiency and compliancy on this innovative tool. The challenge comes in finding the right course for your needs. Here's why you should consider a course from Dedicated Dental Hygiene, as well as details on our upcoming dental laser training in Texas and New Mexico.

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While the pandemic has made life challenging for much of the last year, the new vaccines are giving us reason to hope for a return to normal at some point in 2021. In the meantime, planned classes and in-office training with Dedicated Dental Hygiene have and will continue to make accommodations to ensure our participants’ safety. Here are the covid precautions we’re taking during dental laser training.

Using the CO2 laser in a dental office


The dental laser is a versatile tool for dentists and registered dental hygienists alike, and proper training is essential. If you’re pursuing diode or CO2 laser training, Dedicated Dental Hygiene can help. And if you’re simply looking for information about the dental laser, and the diode in particular, read on for three facts about diode laser dentistry.

Using the CO2 laser in a dental office


These days, finding dental laser training isn’t overly difficult. As the popularity and ubiquity of the dental laser increase, more and more courses can be found. But these are largely focused on the diode laser. What if you need training specifically for the CO2 dental laser? You’re in the right place — in addition to diode laser training, Dedicated Dental offers CO2 laser training for the RDH to ensure you’re prepared for it all.

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The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) is the world’s largest organization devoted to laser den-tistry, with members that include general dentists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, orthodon-tists, hygienists, laser manufacturers, and many others. It’s also known for its certification program. Join Dedicated Dental Hygiene and the Academy of Laser Dentistry in a comprehensive, real-world approach to attaining Standard Level Certification. This is a national certification that allows the dental hygienist to practice in any state in which hygienists are permitted to use the laser.

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As the use of dental lasers continues to grow, understanding state regulations becomes more important than ever. That’s true for patients and practitioners alike. The dental laser is a powerful tool, and it shouldn’t be used without the right training and understanding. So which states allow RDH to use dental lasers in 2020?

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Starting a new job can be intimidating on its own, but as a contract hygienist "filling-in" is like the first day, every day. With COVID, this makes that first-day experience more worrisome. Safety protocols vary between each office, you never know what to expect. Some offices have gone bare bones and even ask that the clinician bring their own PPE while others have made a big effort in upgrading practice systems and give you every piece of PPE you could imagine.

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Dental Laser Certification Courses Near Me

If you’re a dental hygienist, there are many reasons to seek certification on the dental laser. But where do you get started finding a course near you? From manufacturer classes to in-office training, you have options. Dedicated Dental Hygiene is offering three courses across the central and western US in September, in addition to scheduling in-office and on-demand training. If you need a dental laser certification course near you, it’s worth learning more about our courses.

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What to Consider in a Dental Laser Certification Course if You’re a Hygienist

Dental hygienists understand the value of dental laser certification, but the challenge comes in finding the right course. Educational requirements vary from one state to the next,which means finding the right course is predicated on understanding mandates in the state of your practice. But that’s not all. Here’s what to consider in a dental laser certification course if you’re a hygienist.

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Why a Dental Laser Course Trumps Manufacturer Training

For dental hygienists, getting certified on the dental laser is a savvy move. And if your practice is purchasing a dental laser, the provided training from the manufacture may seem sufficient. They should be able to teach you everything you need to know, right? Unfortunately, not everything is as it appears — and laser training is one of them. From state requirements to continuing education credits to talking points, here’s why dental laser course trumps manufacturer training every time.

Laser Training

Laser Dentistry Questions — A Patient’s Perspective

Being proficient on the dental laser is only half of the battle. A registered dental hygienist or dentist is only fully trained on the dental laser when they can clearly and completely answer a patient’s questions. Ensuring that a patient fully understands the ins and out of their treatment creates a much better patient experience. Here are common laser dentistry questions from a patient’s perspective.

Laser Training

The Advantages of Completing a Dental Laser Training Course

As a registered dental hygienist, you know all about dental laser technology. It’s been around since 1989, but today’s dental laser is a versatile, widely-used tool that patients are beginning to expect. If your understanding of dental lasers extends only to a passing familiarity, it’s time to consider proper training. Here are the advantages of completing a dental laser training course.


Common Questions From Novice Dental Laser Users — Answered!

As a provider of comprehensive dental laser education courses and one-on-one practice consultation, Dedicated Dental Hygiene has fielded a lot of questions from dentists and registered dental hygienists alike. If you’re new to the dental laser, having questions is part of the process. Today, we’re answering some of the most common questions from novice dental laser users.


Soft Tissue Diode Laser Certification for the Dental Hygienist

Dental lasers are an increasingly important and commonplace therapy for non-surgical man-agement of periodontal disease. For the registered dental hygienist, certification is becoming a necessity in states across the country. It signifies the hygienist’s breadth of training on the laser and an ability to ensure the safety of the patient. If you’re a dental hygienist seeking soft tis-sue diode laser certification, a course at Dedicated Dental Hygiene will ensure you have the right training and knowledge.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Dental Laser Training

The coronavirus has impacted every facet of modern life here in the US. Employees are working remotely, many businesses are indefinitely closed, students are participating in distance learning, and most of us are doing what we can to stay home. Shelter-in-place orders vary from state to state and gradual easings of restrictions have begun, but the world is a very different place than it was just a few months ago. For registered dental hygienists and dentists, factoring for COVID-19 is now part of business. Here’s how COVID-19 has impacted dental laser training in particular.

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Texas Hygienists: An Approved Dental Laser Course

For dentists and registered dental hygienists, the difference between dental laser certification and dental laser training is become more and more pronounced. That’s true even in states that remain ambiguous about education requirements, like California. In Texas, statutes are more explicit, necessitating a dental laser educational course that will properly prepare an RDH — exactly like those offered here at Dedicated Dental Hygiene.

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Dental Laser Certification Courses in California for RDH

At this time, California is one of the states that remains unclear about education for the dental laser. But as the popularity of the versatile dental laser continues to grow, certification itself is becoming a must-have, regardless of state guidelines. If you’re a registered dental hygienist looking for dental laser certification courses in the state of California, Dedicated Dental Hygiene has the comprehen-sive, hands-on classes and in-office training you need to get certified.

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The Dental Laser — Do You Need Complete Certification or Just Basic Training?

These days, any dental hygienist or dentist is familiar with dental laser technology. The laser has been used in dentistry since the early 90s, but today’s lasers have evolved into a versatile tool that makes for a vastly superior patient experience. As more patients seek clinicians and practices that offer laser dentistry, training and certification in dental lasers is becoming an increasingly important asset for dental hygienists. But which do you need — complete certification, or just basic training?

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Why Dental Lasers Are About to Be Everywhere — And What to Do to Get Certified

While laser dentistry has been around since 1989, it’s rapidly growing in popularity. And it makes sense — the dental laser effectively treats tooth decay and gum disease without the side effects associated with traditional dental tools. As more and more patients opt for laser dentistry, hygienists and dentists across the country are meeting the need with critical training. Here’s why dental lasers are about to be everywhere, and what you can do to get certified.

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Dental Hygienist Laser Certification Courses in Nevada — Learn More!

Increasingly, certification in dental lasers is becoming an asset for dental hygienists. That’s certainly true here in Nevada, which is one of the states that requires a certification course. But while state dental boards across the US may not all mandate certification, hygienists still recognize the importance of proper training on this powerful dental tool — and the boost it gives their résumé. If you’re a dental hygienist in Nevada looking for a high quality laser certification course, Dedicated Dental Hygiene can help.

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Continuing Education with Dedicated Dental Hygiene

Continuing education is a hallmark of any professional — no matter what the industry, staying current on the latest technology, breakthroughs, and perspectives is always an asset. For dental professionals, Dedicated Dental Hygiene is excited to present a six-hour workshop with speaker Judy Bendit, RDH, BS, at the Discovery Museum in Reno on March 6. Register now for the two-part course — “The Myths, Legends & Realities of OTC Products” and “Back in Black: Silver Diamine.”

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Why Every Dental Professional Needs Dental Laser Training

Technology is an amazing thing, and advancements in the world of dental lasers are just one example. But as the dental laser continues to change the way in which dental professionals practice, it’s becoming clear that education is key. Here’s why every dental professional needs dental laser training.

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What to Look For in Laser Certification Courses for Dental Hygienists

For many dental hygienists, the question isn’t whether or not to seek dental laser certification — it’s how to find the right training. It makes sense, given the power of the dental laser and the fact that educational requirements for use still vary from state to state. It’s up to the hygienist to both understand his or her respective state’s rules and to find the best training possible. Here’s what to look for in laser certification courses for dental hygienists.

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The Link Between Periodontal Disease and Alzheimer’s

Earlier this year, researchers published findings of a study that links the bacteria associated with periodontal, or gum, disease to Alzheimer’s. For periodontists, dentists, and hygienists, it’s yet another reason to maintain good gum health. Here’s what to understand about Alzheimer’s disease and its association with gum disease.

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Marijuana in the Workplace - How does this affect the dental professional and the employer?

The legal recreational and medical cannabis markets are still new in Nevada, which means a lot of gray area for consumers and businesses alike. Understanding cannabis law as it pertains to individual professions, employers, and employees is a good place to begin, and Ms. Lane and Ms Honey’s professional insight can help. Here’s what to expect.

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5 Reasons Dental Lasers Effectively Treat Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease affects over half of all American adults, with a number of causes that include poor oral health, chronic illnesses, smoking, certain medications, and genetic predispositions. While periodontal disease is historically treated with scaling or root planing, laser treatments offers an appealing alternative. Here are five reasons dental lasers effectively treat periodontal disease.

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As a Dental Hygienist, Should You Consider Laser Dentistry Certification?

Dental hygienists these days are all familiar with dental laser technology. But familiarity alone won’t offer the benefits as certification. The dental laser offers hygienists and dentists alike a range of benefits not available with traditional tools and techniques, which in turn means a better patient experience. As a dental hygienist, here’s why you should consider laser dentistry certification.

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Hard vs Soft-Tissue Laser Dental Procedures

If you’re considering bringing the dental laser into your practice, you may be debating the merits of different types of lasers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the dental use of seven different wavelengths since 1990, and those distinctions have a direct impact on a given laser’s operation and efficacy. The right laser will depend on the nature of your individual dental practice. Understanding the services and treatments for which hard and soft-tissue lasers can be used is an important first step.

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4 Advantages of Dental Lasers Over Traditional Dentistry Tools

We wrote recently about the pros and cons of dental lasers, and the drawbacks of this technology are few. It’s the many benefits of laser dentistry that make it appealing to both dental practices and patients alike. Here are four advantages of dental lasers that can make it more appealing than traditional dentistry.

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A Definitive List of Laser Dentistry Pros and Cons

Dental practices across the country — and their patients — are enjoying the advantages inherent to laser technology. From early cavity detection to cosmetic treatments, dental lasers are a versatile tool that saves time, lessens discomfort, and dramatically improves the patient experience. If you’re considering investing in a laser for your dental practice, read on for a definitive list of laser dentistry pros and cons.

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Common Applications of Laser Dentistry

The dental laser is a versatile tool that can help a dental practice evolve by offering better, more efficient patient care. In addition to its many benefits, the dental laser can be used to perform a number of hard and soft-tissue procedures. That versatility can be truly invaluable to a dental practice. Here are some of the common applications of laser dentistry.

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Is the Dental Laser Safe?

In the decades since dental lasers became commercial available for clinical dental practices, countless patients have enjoyed more comfortable treatment options for a number of dental procedures. That’s because dental lasers can make their experience efficient, comfortable, and cost effective. As dental practices continue to incorporate lasers as a means of offering their patients this level of elevated care, one of the most important considerations is safety. With a qualified dental professional who has the necessary training, the dental laser is a safe option for a number of scenarios, including pediatric patients.

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Here's How the Laser Helps Your Dental Practice

A successful dental practice is directly tied to the quality of its patient care. And embracing technology is how a practice can best ensure it provides the highest level of care. As new technologies and tools regularly emerge in the market, dental lasers continue to stand out. The fact is, the dental laser makes it possible for dentists to offer superior patient care while also actively growing their practices. Here’s how the laser helps your dental practice.

4 Benefits of Laser Dentistry

If the idea of the dentist makes your heart race, you’re not alone. Anxiety about visiting the dentist affects many people, and we get it - no one likes the drill! Fortunately, technology like the dental laser makes the high-pitched whine of the drill a thing of the past - and that’s in addition to a number of other advantages. Here are four specific benefits of laser dentistry.