Dental Laser Certification Courses Near Me

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If you’re a dental hygienist, there are many reasons to seek certification on the dental laser. But where do you get started finding a course near you? From manufacturer classes to in-office training, you have options. Dedicated Dental Hygiene is offering three courses across the central and western US in September, in addition to scheduling in-office and on-demand training. If you need a dental laser certification course near you, it’s worth learning more about our courses.

Dental Laser Training with Dedicated Dental

Our upcoming course, “Dental Laser Training and Certification: Light Up your Approach,” is designed to ensure all participants feel comfortable in their technique on the diode laser. You’ll develop a thorough understanding of the use of lasers in dentistry, as well as a range of dental applications. The course also reviews how to discuss laser procedures with patients, offers an extensive hands-on tutorial, and walks you through putting your new skills into practice.

All attendees also receive a booklet to take home that covers laser lingo, codes, and other helpful information. In consideration of the current pandemic, social distancing will be observed, and we ask that you arrive wearing a mask.

These courses are scheduled in Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas, and each course meets education requirements for laser use in these states.

In addition to these scheduled classes, Dedicated Dental offers other ways to fulfill dental laser training. Our in-practice training means the training comes right to your practice, and the training platform is customized to meet your individual office structure. It’s a great way to train as a team in a familiar setting. This is a safe alternative to large courses with mixed participants.

In Texas, Dedicated Dental Hygiene also offers on-demand training. Instead of waiting for a class, our quick-turn training brings the laser specialist to you. Classes are mutually planned and completed in a single day. Schedule your course with another clinician, another office, or classmates from school. It’s another good option during this unusual time.

Finding a Dental Laser Certification Course Near You

Dedicated Dental Hygiene has dental laser certification courses scheduled this September in Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. But if none of those work, we invite you to contact us directly to let us know where you’d like a class.